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◆Outline of installation of phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Yufu City is located in the center of Oita Prefecture, with Yufudake in the north and Kurodake in the south.
There is Yufuin Onsen, which is famous as a hot spring resort, and there are many sightseeing spots that you will want to visit, such as Oike Pond and Yufugawa Gorge.

In Yufu City, we have created a regional disaster prevention plan and are systematically developing roads and emergency evacuation site guidance signs in order to ensure the safety and smoothness of evacuation of residents and tourists.
In the city, the mainshock of the Kumamoto earthquake (M7.3, maximum seismic intensity 7) occurred at 1:25 am on April 16, 2016, and a strong tremor with a seismic intensity of less than 6 was observed on the river in Yufuin-cho in the city, which was enormous. It is a new memory that the damage was caused, and this time, we installed a wall-type evacuation site guide sign and an electric pole-wrapped type guide sign for the purpose of appropriately guiding evacuation action supporters.

◆About the phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign design delivered to Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

The wall-type design uses the natural disaster safety way guidance system (specified in ISO 22578), making it easy for tourists and foreigners to understand.
[Common specifications for Wall installation type and Telephone pole winding type]
・Sign type: Aluminum phosphorescent evacuation sign
・Corresponding standard: ISO 22578 Classification II , JIS Z9098 Class II
・Language display: Bilingual, Japanese and English
・Emission color yellow green
・High weather resistant UV inkjet printing
・Apply a highly weather resistant top coat to the surface
[Wall installation type specifications]
・Sign size: W600mm x H900mm
・Base material: Aluminum plate with a thickness of 1.0 mm (square radius / drilling)
・Number of installed units: 1 units
[Telephone pole winding type specifications]
・Sign size: W297mm x H420mm
・Base material: Aluminum plate with a thickness of 0.5 mm (square radius / drilling)
・Number of installed units: 4 units