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Phosphorescent Safety Signs were adopted in Kansai International Airport.

Kansai Airport set up a luminescent evacuation guidance sign sheet type for the purpose of prompt evacuation guidance at the occurrence of a disaster due to a huge earthquake.

If an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 and its accompanying tsunami with the Nankai Trough region as its focal region occurred, it is estimated that flooding will occur at about 100 hectares south of Kansai International Airport.
As one of countermeasures, we adopted high brightness phosphorescent sheet outdoors and middle brightness phosphorescent sheet indoors and displayed guidance to evacuation site.
When setting evacuation guidance signs, it was installed at more than 100 locations inside and outside the airport with the following specifications.
“Being a full-fledged phosphorescent signage”
“The phosphorescent brightness of the phosphorescent material meets the tsunami guidelines of the Japan Labeling Association”

[Example of installation of outdoor signs]
蓄光式避難誘導標識 蓄光式避難誘導標識

[Installation example of indoor signs]