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We began selling arm bands using a prism reflective phosphorescent sheet.

We began selling arm bands using a prism reflective phosphorescent sheet combining a high-intensity phosphorescent sheet (JC grade) and a retroreflective material of ultra-high reflection.

The size of the product is 3 cm in width × 31 cm in length.
Since the base material is shape memory, it can be stretched or rolled, so it can be wound easily in any place (arm, ankle, bag, school bag, bicycle etc).

Retroreflective materials have the property of reflecting light in the direction in which light enters.
This product is an ultra-high reflection type retroreflective material used for expressway display boards and so it is easy to see even from afar, for example in the case of a car, the headlight will reflect and call attention to the driver .
Since the phosphorescent function becomes a high-brightness phosphorescent sheet (JC class) that is certified as a firefighting equipment certification, it is excellent in viewing in the dark.
Not to mention at the time of evacuation at night, of course, it is also suitable for everyday use such as elementary and junior high school students in going and leaving to/from school or securing safety at runners’ night training.
アームバンド 蓄光時 アームバンド 反射時

If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact our sales department.