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We have started selling aqueous phosphorescent fluorescent coating agent.

We have started selling aqueous phosphorescent fluorescent coating agent (product name: LUMI ALPHACOAT / LA 510).

Prior to Japan, this product was exhibited at BMAM Expo Asia 2018 – The International exhibition and conference on building maintenance and facilities management (Session: September 12 th – 15 th, 2018, venue: Bangkok).
Speaking of phosphorescent products, the way of being used such as disaster prevention and recognition of dangerous place was mainstream, but it is a product that can be used easily and cheaply instead of lighting equipment as a nighttime guide.
【Product Specifications】
· Aqueous paint
· Capacity is 1 kg (paintable area by coating 1.2 ~ 1.3 m²)
· Fluorescent color is white, luminescent color is blue green
· The surface condition after drying is half gloss
· Water resistance enhanced phosphorescent pigment has a particle size of 60μ and a content of 50%
· Brightness after 60 minutes is 15.1 mcd / m² (coated twice, corresponding to JB class of JIS Z 9107)
· Besides brush and roller, paint tool can also be specified for spray (caliber 2 mm)
【Product image】
LA510 通常時(明) LA510 発光時(暗) LA510 通常時(明)別角度

Like the LA 500 (Yellow Green Luminescence) which we started selling earlier, it is a hybrid type indoor external paint combining a water resistant phosphorescent material and a fluorescent material.
Compared with conventional products, it is easier to stir, so you can use it easily.
Painting is suitable for stone (*), wood, iron (aluminum, stainless steel, zinc steel plate, etc.) · various metals and various plastic products (styrofoam, hard PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, FRP etc).
Acrylic silicone resin is excellent in adhesion, it becomes a coating film with strong weather resistance after drying. (For outdoor use, please paint the clear coat on the finish to protect the paint film.)
(*) Painting on newly constructed concrete may result in peeling of coating film after drying, so it is necessary to perform sufficient surface treatment before painting.

In addition, this product is completely to order production (the minimum order quantity is 1 kg bottle × 8 pieces / box × 2 boxes totaling 16 kg).
If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact our sales department.