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We started selling phosphorescent paint.

We started selling phosphorescent paint emulsion type.

Because it is an aqueous paint, it is easy to paint, it does not choose work environment. (Drying time is 30 minutes to 60 minutes × n layers)
Since the emulsion type is organic solvent free (using acrylic resin and polyester resin), it is environmentally friendly and you can use it with confidence.

This product corresponds to the range of use of phosphorescent materials as stipulated in Japan’s Fire Service Law enforcement regulations.
Since it is blue green light emission, the afterglow time is long, and blue color can associate with sea and water and can express images of hope and calm, so we can expect the effect of preventing panic at the time of disaster.
I do not know when the disaster will come.
Since luminescent paint does not require power supply or wiring piping merely by painting, it is considered to be a very effective means in blackout due to power outage at the time of a disaster (earthquake, typhoon, etc.).
In order to prevent accidents beforehand, we also take appropriate measures as soon as possible to the owner of a commercial facility where many people gather, an underground shopping mall, a corridor building where manga tea ceremonies and Internet cafes gather, convenience stores and restaurants We encourage you to do.