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◆Outline of installation of phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture

Kuroshio-Town, Kochi Prefecture, has been designated as a “Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tsunami Evacuation Countermeasures Special Strengthening Area” and is actively developing evacuation routes and evacuation towers to high ground.
Since the maximum height of the tsunami is expected to be 34M, a phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign was installed to maximize the protection of human life day and night even when a tsunami occurs due to an earthquake. ..
Of the 1,057 guidance signs for tsunami evacuation planned at 899 locations in the town, more than 500 locations have officially adopted the phosphorescent evacuation guidance signs (burning type) provided by our company.

The Aluminum Photoluminescent Evacuation Sign uses an extremely water-resistant phosphorescent pigment developed for long-term outdoor use, so it has outdoor weather resistance equivalent to 10 years. ..
In addition, the results of the cycle corrosion (salt spray / drying / wet) test (1,200 hours) show no noticeable changes, making it suitable for use in coastal areas where salt damage is a concern.

◆About the phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign design delivered to Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture

In designing the phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign, we adopted the disaster type symbol announced in March 2016. In addition, a disaster prevention character designed by Takashi Yanase has also appeared.
Since the visibility test recommends a phosphorescent induction sign that emits light on the entire surface, it is devised so that it can be seen at a glance without using only letters or partial light emission.
The light emitting ability in the dark clears Class II (brightness after 12 hours is 10 mcd / ㎡ or more), which is the highest standard described in ISO 22578 (*). You can see the route to the evacuation site at a glance even at night.

(*) The light emission capacity (phosphorescent brightness) after 12 hours is the result measured by the Japan Paint Inspection Association, and is not a guaranteed value.