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What are phosphorescent materials?

Energy saving!energy

  • The materials, which can become luminous in darkness without using electric power.
  • The cycle of absorption, accumulation and emission of light will repeat almost permanently.

Long lasting afterglow!

  • Our phosphorescent products have totally complied with the luminosity stipulated in DIN67510-4.
  • It can continue shining from sunset to early-morning, because our products can continue emitting light for 12 hours.

Test piece:Sheet

Emitting color: Yellow-green

Lamp: Xenon lamp L2175

Irradiation: 1,000lx / 5 minutes

What are the benefits?

  • Environment-friendly (Effect of CO2 reduction) No need for electric power supply or wiring, because the materials become self-luminous to glow in darkness.
  • Easy installation Installation can be made anywhere since electric supply is unnecessary.
  • Economical (No running costs / Maintenance free) Installation can be made with initial costs only. No replacement or repair or light bulbs or butteries are required at all.

What are the effects?

  • To clearly guide the route in darkness as a substitute for street light.
  • Possible to evacuate to a safe place promptly in darkness.
  • To avoid an accident contacting with the obstacle.

Our special technology

A comparison of a cross section of phosphorescent sticker

A comparison of a cross section of phosphorescent sticker

  • There is no gap in the layer to the Japanese phosphorescent product, because the phosphorescent materials don’t have an irregularity.

  • So, our products, whose particle diameter is equalized and whose materials are refined in Japan for achieving high purity, have high-luminosity and long afterglow. (Totally in conformity with the criteria of the Fire Services Act and JIS.

A comparison of luminance of phosphorescent sticker

A comparison of a cross section of phosphorescent sticker

※ The photograph which photographed after having received irradiation of sunlight for 10 minutes.

  • The performance is very different in the light-emitting.

  • ”Grade A” and “Grade C” is one of the luminosity division of the evacuation signboard which is prescribed in Japanese Fire Service Act. (“Grade A” is stronger in light-emitting than “Grade C”.)

  • The emitting-light gradually decrease with the lapse of time, but accumulation and emission of light energy will repeat almost permanently.