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ISO22578 has been released.

ISO22578 has been released.

This standard is a standard that stipulates an evacuation guidance sign system to guide people in the affected areas to take prompt safety assurance actions according to the type of disaster when a disaster occurs.
It was created based on JIS Z 9098, which started operation in Japan in March 2016, and this document specifies the principles governing the design and application of signs and plans used to create a natural disaster safety way guidance system, which help people evacuate to safety areas or place of refuge in the case of natural disasters, for example, tsunami, flood, debris flows, steep slope failures, landslides, tornados, large scale fire, volcano.

When a disaster occurs at night and the lifeline is interrupted and the normal power supply is lost, how to reach the evacuation site in total darkness is an important issue, so measures against darkness were recommended.
Our phosphorescent evacuation signs comply with ISO22578 “Specifications of Phosphorescent materials used in measures for assuring visibility in darkness”.
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