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◆Outline of installation of phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign at Kansai International Airport

A phosphorescent evacuation route sign sheet type has been installed outdoors for the purpose of promptly providing evacuation guidance in the event of a disaster caused by a huge earthquake in the restricted areas of Kansai International Airport and international cargo areas.
A high-brightness phosphorescent sheet is used to display guidance to the evacuation site.

◆About the specifications of the phosphorescent evacuation guidance sign delivered to Kansai International Airport

The design uses graphic symbols that match the natural disaster safety way guidance system, and the entire surface emits light so that it can be easily seen even from a distance. (* 1)
The light emitting capacity in the dark has cleared the highest standard of ISO 22578 (brightness of 3 mcd/㎡ or more after 720 min), so you can see the evacuation site at a glance even at night. (* 2)
・Sign type: Phosphorescent evacuation route sign (sheet type)
・Corresponding standard: ISO 22578 Classification I , JIS Z9098 Class I
・Sign size: 7 sizes (W800mm x H650mm / W800mm x H2,000mm / W1,600mm x H1,000mm, etc.)
・Language display: 4 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
・Emission color: Yellow green
・High weather resistant UV inkjet printing
・Attach a highly weather-resistant laminated film to the surface (end face edge tape frame affixed)
・It must be a phosphorescent sign that emits light on the entire surface.
・Emphasis should be placed on strength and stability of self-supporting signs, and weight reduction for non-self-supporting signs.